- Privacy policy

Last update 28th November 2016

Selecteev is an online submission management system that helps organizations collect applications, manage subscriptions and facilitate reviews. Selecteev is a service provided by 12 MOONS EURL.

We have written this policy to explain how Selecteev ("we", "us" or "Selecteev") uses the data you give us through our site(s), including but not limited to Selecteev.

By providing personal information you are deemed to consent to your personal information being shared outside Selecteev in the following circumstances:

Selecteev users that provide Application Question Responses: Information you provide directly to an entity on Selecteev that has created an application form in response to questions they have created specifically for their program or entity are called Application Question Responses. Application Question Responses that you provide to an entity on Selecteev are available to that entity’s administrators and designated evaluators. Entities, to which you provide Application Question Responses may use that data, any associated basic information and data available by virtue of your relationship with that entity both on and outside of Selecteev.

Selecteev users that solicit projects to provide Application Question Responses: Selecteev will not distribute or otherwise make available any Application Question Responses information without your permission. This provision extends to any evaluation notes and custom tags created by Evaluators. You will be notified if Anonymized Application Question Responses information will be made available to a third party and you will have the opportunity to decline making such anonymized information available.

Selecteev may use aggregated, anonymous data in its efforts to improve Selecteev and to inform the ecosystem on on going trends.

This policy applies each time you submit data to the site(s). Your use of the site(s) means that you agree that we may use that data in accordance with this policy. Our privacy policy will change from time to time. The up to date privacy policy will always be shown on this page.

In the event that Selecteev is involved in a bankruptcy, merger, acquisition, reorganization or sale of assets, your information may be sold or transferred as part of that transaction. The promises in the privacy policy will apply to your information as transferred to the new entity. the services we provide.

We may access your data as follows:

Other users of the site(s) may access your data if they have the rights to do so, or, if you have given them the right to access or see your data. An example is that the designated evaluators of a program may access your application to that program.

Any use that another user of the site(s) makes of your data is beyond our control. Any data you provide to us and the site(s) must comply with the terms.