The easiest way to manage your calls for applications

Create application forms, receive submissions and distribute them to evaluators to streamline the evaluation process effortlessly

Manage your call for applications

Easy to setup, easy to use

Evaluators from anywhere

Invite anybody you need to evaluate specific candidates

Never lose a candidate

Candidates can start their application and finish later without losing data

Automate !

Send automated emails and create conditional questions and filters


The right tools to select the right candidates

Stats dashboard

Follow the health of your calls for applications with a dashboard full of graphs

Powerful filtering

Filter your candidates by their answers and quickly take action on your selection


Keep in touch with your candidates inside the platform, and send them automated emails when needed

Easy evaluation

Manage your evaluation criteria with specific weights on each of the evaluation questions

Selection rounds

Manage your funnel of candidates through rounds or phases


Set your logo, background, colors... It's all yours !

The first 15 days are on us!

Calls for applications

Applications received

Evaluations processed

Built on real life experience

Selecteev has been used for hundreds of calls for applications since its inception

Selecting the best candidates has nothing to do with magic. You need an easy application process, the best experts to review applicants and the right data to show them.

We have crunched all these needs for years before building the best call for proposals platform suitable for business plan competitions, incubators, accelerators, etc.

Our customers

They use Selecteev