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Selecting the best startups has nothing to do with magic. You need an easy application process for startups, the best experts to review applications and data about the applicants.

We have crunched all these needs for years before building the best online application platform.

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Easy to setup, easy to use

We built Selecteev because we have been through the pain of selecting projects. Now it's a breeze !

Fast setup

In 10 minutes, get your platform live and receive your first applications, white-label or on your website!

Team management

Invite easily experts, mentors and sponsors to evaluate the startups and pick the best.

Data analytics

Live data to improve your business and ease reporting. Get extensive data about the applications.

Made with Love

We have built Selecteev to solve real life problems for us, and are sure it can solve yours!


Selecteev is risk-free, you try it without a credit card, and only start paying a small fee when you have more than 30 applications on your platform.

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  • Unlimited applications
  • 100€ / month
    starting after the 31st application
    Launch price for the first 100 customers
  • Real time data analytics
  • Filter applications
  • Bulk actions on applications
  • Onboard evaluators & team
  • Bulk messaging
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