Junior online business developer

Full/part time, remote


Description of the project


Selecteev.io is a selection platform for startup accelerators & incubators, as well as companies that need to select candidates, speakers or projects to evaluate them in an efficient way.


The project has first been built for the NUMA acceleration program and finally became independent. It has been growing naturally in the past few months.


Over the past months, the platform’s customer base has grown organically with already 30+ happy customers originating from several different countries as our platform currently supports 5 languages.  Our current customers include a wide range of companies like NUMA, Village by CA, Facebook Startup Garage, Famae.earth, Futur.e.s or the Atlanta Startup Battle.


What we are looking for


We are looking for one (or several) business school students who want to ramp up their business development skills by identifying the right targets (incubators or accelerators are not the only companies in the world that need to select candidates or projects - think bigger) and start the conversation to get them to try Selecteev and handle their next call for applications on it.


Required skills :




Selecteev is a small project handled by a few people and not a company on it’s own. So even if we can’t pay for a full fixed salary yet, we offer you to take 33% of what you sell for up to a year of each client’s subscription.  


Examples with figures: The plan most companies choose is 195 per month: you would take home 65 a month for each client signed. if they stay a full year,  that would add up to 780 for one customer signed. If you end up finding a customer that takes the business plan, that’s 131/month directly for you, meaning 1572 in total if they stay for a year.


Selecteev is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform and customers are usually highly independent while setting up their accounts, so it is possible to onboard quite a few customers in the same timeframe.

We don’t have a limit on the number of customers you can sign each month, and if they stay for the full year, that’s a steady revenue stream for you during that entire time.


Last details


This is a remote job, and you need a freelance status (autoentrepreneur, SASU or any other type of company) to apply. The revenue you will generate depends 100% on your performance but can add up pretty fast.


Ready to go ?


Reach us at jobs@selecteev.io with either a resume, a Linkedin profile or a few words about who you are and please include a few lines summarizing what you are planning to do to find potential customers for Selecteev and how you would approach them once found.

See you soon! 🤘