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The best way to manage your calls for applications

Create application forms, receive submissions and distribute them to evaluators to streamline your evaluation process effortlessly

*No credit card required

Easy to setup, easy to use

All the tools you need in one place to manage your call for applications easily

Easy for the candidates

Candidates can apply over several days and create a draft without losing data

Easy statistics

Follow the health of your call for application with a clear dashboard

Powerful filtering

Filter your candidates by their answers and quickly take action on your selection


Taggez, envoyez des emails ou changer le candidat de statut automatiquement

Easy evaluation

Manage your evaluation criteria with specific weights and evaluation funnels (phases)

Powerful messaging

Keep in touch with your candidates and send them automated emails when needed

Have a question?
We usually answer in a matter of minutes.

They use Selecteev

Everything you need

Here is a 2 minutes video to show you how things work on Selecteev, but the best way to see is to create your own call for applications without risk: it’s completely free for 2 weeks!

  • Never lose a candidate
  • Powerful filtering and automation
  • Bulk actions make you save time
  • Powerful messaging
  • Easy evaluation funnels
  • One click data export

Some Insights

We’ve been around for a while and have handled calls for applications with thousands of candidates!


Calls for applications





The first 15 days are on us

No risk in giving it a try, the first 15 days are completely free and do not require a payment method. Give it a shot!